Item Description

The MCA-1 Multi-Channel Audit System will monitor up to 32 audio channels to decode and log DTMF queue signals to a single computer. Data is output on two RS-232 output ports to allow the use of two separate computers for logging. In addition, an RS-485 output is provided for long cable runs. It can also be used as a multi-line dialed number recorder for law enforcement applications. Each MCA-1 rack will accept up to eight 4-channel decoder cards. All connections are made on the rear of the 19" rack. Inputs use standard 3 conductor Euro type connectors. Audio signal levels into the 600 ohm balanced input can range from 100mv to 6Vpp. The MCA-1 will capture DTMF queue signals up to 20 digits per second. The switching Power Supply requires an AC voltage source between 85 and 264 VAC at 47 to 440 Hz, making the MCA-1 compatible with line voltages throughout the world. The MoTron Electronics MCA-1 Multi-Channel Audit System consists of the Base Rack System and one or more 4-Channel DTMF Rack Cards (sold separately). The Base Rack System includes the 19" Rack Mount, the motherboard with eight open slots for the 4-Channel DTMF Rack Cards, the switching Power Supply and our exclusive DTMF Auditing Software with licensing for two computers. The MCA-1 hardware is backed by a One Year Parts And Labor Warranty. A typical MCA-1 system consists of one MCA-1/R rack with one or more 4-Channel MCA-1/D cards plugged in to it. Call for a price quote for your system. Size: 19.00"x9.00"x5.25"